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Remington harrow

Your wellbeing matters

In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic we are implementing a common sense approach and monitoring the situation daily.

As i’m sure everyone’s aware of the rate coronavirus is spreading, therefore we are putting in place some precautionary measures to protect the safety and well being of both our guests and staff as best we can.

So we ask to please be aware if you have traveled outside the UK,…

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Hair Colour Expectations Versus Reality

Remington Harrow are known as experts in colour due to having 4 colour masters in the salon, one of them being a Schwarzkopf Master. Their colour Master journey involved a 10 course and included a practical and theory exam as well as a presentation on colour influences.

Our other 3 stylists have completed a 10 day journey at the matrix academy in Hammersmith involving intense colour theory. Giving the stylists…

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Blonde hair

Everything you need to know about going blonde

How many times have you sat in the hairdresser’s chair and had no clue how to describe the blonde you want? What going blonde means to you, may mean something completely different to someone else. For instance, Marilyn Monroe’s famous blonde locks are a world away in colour from Elizabeth Olsen’s blonde tresses, yet they’re both called blondes.

That’s why we’ve gone straight to the source to speak with our…

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What is a colour correction?

Vivid to Blonde in one day…. Remington Harrow shares their Secrets.

What is a colour correction?

Colour correction is a term used to ‘fix’ a colour service that a client isn’t happy with. This can be as little as using a toner to neutralise yellow and brassy orange tones on lightened hair, or as drastic as removing black by a home hair dye kit. Everyone’s’ hair is different; therefore every single…

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Blondes Mean Business! Thinking of Going Blonde?

Here are a few things to consider…

First things first what shade of blonde will best suit you?

Leaving it to the professionals and booking in a colour consultation with your hair dresser is highly advised when making a change in hair colour; however here is an idea of how we help come to the conclusion on choosing the right colour for you…

Working from the colour of your eyes informs the…

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